Is life fair?

How to act when death comes to kiss you again?

Childhood memories

Scarfs ripped open

Vulnerability once again


How to accept the rudeness of death?

Separated forever

No more sweet words

Whispered from the other side, lovelines suddenly broken


Who has decided life tot be so unfair?

Questions keep coming

Tears slowly fade away

And life goes on


Someone said to me ‘think happy thaughts’

Don’t be so grumpy

And gave me some candy

Sour flavour, taste matching these days


Can you be judged by thinking to much?

If you don’t think, you stop living

Then you might just crawl back to your Sanseverias

Where life is safe and you can become irritated over the world on your own holy ground


Two quotes touched me do much. Stephen Hawking said the quietest people have the busiest mind. But accept that perfection doesn’t exist. If you don’t, realize that people are imperfect. Without imperfection people wouldn’t even exist.

Well, I wan’t to add something to that. Persons with perfection-syndrome scare the hell out of me. Because I don’t want to be confrontated with those mirrors.

Also I am not the person I want(ed) to be. And my life leads its own way.


So Death, you came close again last days.

But for now.

Can I ask you to please take soms distance?

Give us, particular the people who were legt behind, the chance to grow to the best version of the person we’re meant to be.



In Memory of my teacher,

who gave us time to grow with patience never seen.



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